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"And so I was like 'FUCK!' Oops...sorry, Keith."

Crikey! It’s been a while.


So…my bro had his engagement party. There was a buffet but I wasn’t hungry. I just drank glass after glass of champagne (this wasn’t primarily my fault as Dawn’s mum kept topping up my glass!) I don’t remember leaving or the drive to Dave’s. As soon as I got there I had a panic attack and called my mum and said that I’d left my dress for the party in the car. I hadn’t. She was furious. Had a big massive chilli pastie and drank lots of water and apple juice. Thankfully…I sobered up. But only to get drunk again.


The party was utterly immense! I was kind of glued to Amy all night. I remember being a wimp and only doing half a shock of sambuca, smoking in Dave’s room even though I really shouldn’t have been, apologising to Brutal Keith every time I swore, watching people play Guitar Hero and Wii Sports and drinking a shit load of cider. Occasionally I’d venture into Craig’s room which was so smoky you could hardly see in front of you.


The next morning we cleaned. Fun stuff. And, might I add, we received no help whatsoever from Craig. Frog eyed Bastard.


To be honest, I know it’s been a while but that’s really all I wanted to update on. Other than that I’ve been working, working, working because somebody’s on their honeymoon, somebody’s in hospital and somebody got sacked, so they’re understaffed…again. I’m sick fed up of the place and it’s making me depressed. I told my dad and he said I should wait until they’ve sorted all this mess out then look for something else. I only took the job because I was desperate. It’s time to move on.


I’ve just been paid but, shockingly enough, I’ve barely touched a cent. Dave’s broke and we haven’t been out in a long, long time. The bastard DJ’s at The Pit informed Dave BY E-MAIL that he was…well…fired. If you can use that term for something that wasn’t even a proper job in the first place. “Sorry to do this by e-mail, man…” WELL, DON’T!!! Tell him to his face. Honest to fuck, what the hell?! Sorry, it’s nothing to do with me but it did piss me off no end. Anyway, I’m getting a bit bored. And sad. Which sucks.


Hmmm. That is all until my next update (maybe sometime in April.)


~Rachie XxXxX

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